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Wolfgang (admin) on 23.05.2023

We get many inquiries from all over Germany and the Netherlands regarding playing at Packhalle. Sometimes things can be difficult to arrange as we have some fairly specific rules and requirements for performers. There are many reasons why we might not be able to put a particular concert on but we've listed a few of the more common ones here.


1. Gauging the Fee

Unfortunately, we aren't able to pay as much as we would like!

In most cases, we can only honour a Door Deal, that is, one euro from each entry fee goes to the band. With an average of fifty visitors this just covers the most necessary costs of the bands. Offering fixed fees for bands puts us at risk if there isn't a particularly big turnout for a performance. In individual cases, such as in the case of long-distance travel, fixed travel expenses will be settled where a limit of 100 euros is to be observed. We'd like to be able to offer more than this but unfortunately we have no other option as the money made from visitors and drinks don't tend to allow us much profit!

We hope you can understand that we can't offer much money however we can offer a cool condition, great location and good frame conditions!


2 . Equipment and Setup

Here at the Packhalle we have a rather specific stage setup and backline that we're not really able to compromise on. We have our own drum kit that is perfectly adjusted to the stage size and size of the venue and can be adjusted as you see fit, however we do not allow bands to use their own drum kits due to the specific nature of our setup. The same applies to our amps (two Marshall boxes and an Ampeg Bassbox) which should also be used. In exceptional cases (with combos or prior arrangement), these boxes can be replaced but we very much prefer the use of our own backline. Amps and power cables are connected and precisely organised and we try to precisely time our gigs and so try to avoid long setup times between different bands.

For more Information about our backline and set up, look here!


3. Waiting period

Due to the amount of bands that request to play at Packhalle and the fact we currently only have one concert per month with (on average) only three Bands playing, there is currently a waiting list for bands wishing to play here. Please get in touch with us to put your name down to play at Packhalle.


4. Conditions

Besides the Door Deal (and/or travelling costs) we offer catering, alcoholic drinks and other beverages (coffee, water, tea etc) for performing bands. Our catering includes a warm meat and cheese soup and, if you let us know in advance, we can make a vegetarian soup (although we don't currently offer a vegan alternative).


5. Advertising

We provide 100 DIN A2 Posters for bands playing at the Packhalle containing our logo and branding as well as details of the gig. Bands will also receive advertising on our website, Facebook and other locations. We'll also send press releases out to the local press, but we have no influence on what they write!


6. The Location

The Packhalle is a small club which can accommodate over 100 patrons. Our stage is small but well structured (see the picture below).


7. Backstage

The Youth Centre on the first floor is the backstage area for bands and contains a billiard table, table football, dartboards as well as a kitchen and some other things. The backstage beside the Packhalle stage itself is very small and there's only space for the equipment of the current and following band.







Anton Oortmann (We Fall Slowly)


We already played at your venue earlier at a ELDR tour with Jan Stam. We really liked the atmosphere and we would really like to play again at the venue.

We are working on a German and english bio at the moment, for now it is only in Dutch unfortunately. Our alternative rock is in english!

On our website you can find links to us Spotify, YouTube and Facebook!

Please check us out and we hope to see you in Packhalle! :)


Hoi Anton!

I put your band on our list and if we have a matching gig I will contact you.



Jamie patts

Please put us on the list to play. Thanks!


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